Tired of the same old sales Manager results and hassle?

Grow your Sales with On-Demand Leadership

Sales Bootz is a long term on-demand relationship that improves your sales culture, teaches better sales tactics, and builds a sustainable sales engine without the hassle and costs associated with hiring a sales manager.


We use in the trenches leadership and a long term support model to provide much more than sales management at a fraction of the cost.  Experienced, creative, charismatic, and polished leadership teaching and leading your sales team.  We start out full time and gradually reduce our day to day presence, but we are forever engaged in helping to drive your business.  Sales Bootz is a long term relationship at a fraction of the cost.

What is On-Demand Leadership?

On-Demand leadership is part time leadership.  Experienced sales leadership mentoring your team, creating process, growing sales, and building your sales engine.  On-demand leadership has been common in back office, marketing, and finance departments for years.  It works in sales too. 

What Sales Bootz Provides

Sales Plan

A key success driver at Sales Bootz is the documentation of the plan, the training, and the relationship activity (CRM).

Sales Tactics

There are many theories and sales philosophies to pick from.  We have all read the books and listened to the gurus.  The truth is, most of them provide great theory and nuggets of wisdom.  They make us say aha!  The stuff that actually works though varies across a  sales team.  Sales Bootz brings out the best in every salesperson and the team by uncovering strengths through connecting and teaching.

Sales Culture

The cultural heartbeat of your sales team starts with your sales leadership.  I invigorate your team with  kindness and tenacity.  I recruit, hire, mentor and lead them.


Client Testimonials

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How it Works

The average tenure for a sales manager is 19 months.  At Sales Bootz you get the best of both worlds.  The sales leadership you have been looking for at a fraction of the cost.  The costs are case by case, but expect to pay approximately 50% of what an A player sales manager commands year one in salary without the commissions, bonuses, hiring risk, and turnover.  In subsequent years the cost drops to approximately 20% depending on the level of engagement.  Following are the steps we take to build your sales engine and create your long term relationship with Sales Bootz.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is our first week together.  Boot Camp is a Sales Bootz leader living in your company.  We spend time with customer service, shipping, finance, marketing, and generally walking in the shoes of your company.  

we get to know the people, the processes, the product, the profits, and the vision.  Understanding the heartbeat of your company and seeing your team in action is an essential first step.

In the Trenches

The in the trenches period is usually 6-9 months of full time sales leadership.  We are committed to you, on site and leading the sales functions 4 days a week (5th day is catch up offsite).  Every client has different needs, but in short this is the formative time period of the relationship where we build the sales engine, set the tone, and energize the team.

Step Down

The step down phase lasts roughly 3 months.  We go from full time leading to a couple days a week and eventually step to the support phase.  At this point the flywheel is turning, the plan is documented and a lieutenant has been identified.


The long term relationship vehicle is the support phase.  The lieutenant is in place, the team is executing and the sales culture is real and thriving.  The support phase is covered by a modest monthly retainer.  During the support phase we are available for ride alongs, recruiting and interviewing, key customer QBRs and monthly meetings.

Board of Helpers

The Board of Helpers is a collection of four professionals with varied backgrounds.  The idea behind the board is a cost effective means of giving small business the benefits of a board of directors without the traditional cost.  This is an optional service during the Support phase, but I highly recommend it.  Your impartial board meets once a quarter to review the scorecard and generally brainstorm ideas for driving your business forward.  Your Board of Helpers looks at your business through the same lense as your clients.  The feedback is impactful.



I created Sales Bootz because I wanted to help business leaders grow sales.  I spent 20 years selling and leading in the trenches.  I saw in the weeds, in the strategy room, and in front of the client what worked and what didn't.  I saw great cultures and I saw cultures that struggled.  I saw leadership and I saw micromanagement.  I saw sound hiring and I saw the "bozo explosion".  I saw communication and I saw politics.  I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly of sales and business.  A lot has changed in 20 years.  What hasn't changed is the value of unflappable leadership in the trenches teaching and leading.


I believe Sales is Simple.  It is hard work and long term relationships are key, but like most everything we tend to overcomplicate and often lose our focus in complexity.  I created Sales Bootz because I wanted to help sales teams simplify their story, harness their collective energy, simplify their visibility and sustainably grow their sales through on-demand leadership.​​​  Thank you for visiting Sales Bootz.  If you have a need, have an idea or simply want to say hello, please contact me.

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